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Our Focus

Patient Support Systems

Focused on providing the best support and optimum comfort for patients, Patient Support Systems has been offering innovative support systems as well as educational resources to clients, medical institutions and medical professionals across Australia. From hospital to at home care, our active support mattresses and seating systems have you covered.

Our Focus

Patient Support Systems exists for the simple and clear-cut mission of providing the medical industry in Australia with premium quality air alternating systems. With a team of expert professionals working behind the scenes, we lead the field with the latest medical innovations giving you quick access to only the best and latest technology to meet individual patient needs.

Our Products — Closing the Circle of Care

Mattress Systems

Whatever the condition, lack of movement when resting places the body at the greatest risk of skin breakdowns. Patient Support Systems, offers a wide range of air alternating mattresses for beds ranging from pressure area prevention for patients at risk to highly effective acute support systems to treat existing breakdowns.

For Hospitals, our operating table and trolley mattresses are designed to guarantee optimum patient support in ED, Recovery or on the move.

Seating Systems

We are also one of the only providers of mobile active support systems, to suit a variety of wheelchairs and scooters. These systems operate on long lasting lithium batteries freeing patients from the need to be always plugged in for powered therapy.

Customized Solutions

We specialize in adapting any of our products to suit an individual patient or carer’s needs. From extra lower body support in a mattress to a specialized seat cushion we can design a system to suit your particular requirements.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to the best patient support and comfort in the hospital, facility or at home, Patient Support Systems is a name you can trust and rely on. Partner with us today for quick access to innovative support systems that guarantee complete patient care at a price you can afford.

Featured Air Alternating Products

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