Surgical Support Products

Phoenix Alternating Therapy

closing the circle of pressure care

Alternating cell sections under high risk zones, shoulders, sacrum and heels

Dartex fully welded two way stretch top cover

Tough fully welded non-slip base with velcro for secure attachment to the operating table

Visco foam under low risk zones

Patented Hyperstretch coverlet for insulation and enhanced therapy


Supportive side bolster foam

Motor with multiple hanging options around the table. Choice of curly cord or battery pack system. Hand Controller for remote operation

The Phoenix active support system has been designed in Australia to focus the therapy under bony prominences most at risk from pressure areas. (See orange circles indicated at right)

The latest Lithium Polymer battery technology provides the option of independent continuous power during procedures for up to three days with the optional battery pack system.

Safety First

  • 1. If the battery runs low, the system auto transfers to static shutting off all air valves for patient support.
  • 2. All cells placed directly under the patient’s body for protection against sharps.
  • 3. Foam side buffers provide excellent lateral stability.
  • 4. Automatic overcharge protection.
  • 5. If any cell damage occurs, the patient is prevented from bottoming out by foam layers.

Therapy and Comfort

A patented Hyper-stretch coverlet insulates against cell chill without compromise to therapy. Compatible with Cocoon systems.

Infection Control

All outer surfaces are welded. The cover and coverlet can be machine washed and dried. The hand control and control unit are fitted into a washable protective pouches.


Almeno point pressure sensor data:
Subject:Male 45yrs 92kg 188cm Location: left I.T.

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