Mobile Active Support Systems

The Alliana

The Alliana cushion is a battery powered alternating seating system suitable for wheelchairs, scooters and other forms of mobile transport. It is recommended for users immobile in their lower limbs and at risk of developing pressure areas in the ITs and sacral regions whilst seated.

System Design & Benefits

The controller is powered by a Lithium Ion battery which provides over 14 hours of remote alternating power off a full 4 hour recharge.If the battery runs low on power, a safety system engages, transferring the mode to static and locking off all valves ensuring the user is safely supported.

The convenient hand controller allows the user to easily manage pressure settings, alternation times and mode selections all within easy reach.The cell section is encased in high quality shaped memory foam available in a variety of sizes to fit different seating systems.

The support system is covered in a two way stretch PU top cover for infection control.

The main controller has its own control panel and comes with a case which can be strapped to the back of the seat. A clear plastic panel allows a carer to have full control over the operation of the system.

The charger has a slot plug design which allows for a variety of international plugs to be fitted if the user is travelling overseas.

The Alliana – a unique system and a unique solution to mobile pressure care.


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