The TheraSeat Sacral Support System for Inclined Patients

The TheraSeat Semi Zone Accessory Kit enables a compatible alternating system to be adjusted into a seated position of 80 degrees with full support and therapy under the patient’s sacrum.
The TheraSeat SemiZone system is compatible with all alternating overlays and mattresses in our range except for the Theraflow3 Overlay.
It overcomes the main drawback of many alternating systems where the cells under the patient’s sacrum collapse and bottom out when the patient’s upper body is raised beyond 25 degrees.
When installed, the TheraSeat injects the air pressure directly under the patient’s sacrum where most of the body weight is located rather than through the foot end.
Special restriction valves prevent the air pressure transferring to the head and foot end resulting in a zone of high support pressure in the middle where it is needed the most.
Additionally, the compressor motor is upgraded in the Theraflow5 and Theraflow8 from 10 litres per minute to 18 litres per minute. The air hoses in the centre section of the mattress are reinforced with marine grade stainless steel springs to prevent any hose kinking at high angles of elevation.
Lastly, in the Theraflow8, the patented coverlet is replaced with a version featuring vertical support straps to prevent cells in the sacral region from falling over under the increased patient weight.

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The TheraSeat Sacral Support System for Inclined Patients
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